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Top Seven Birthday or Xmas Gifts for Automotive Technicians

As with any gift, it’s best to know if the person you are buying for, has a need for the item you are considering. If it’s a mechanic you are buying for it’s a safe assumption, he’d love to receive car tools. Not just cheap run of the mill tools like from Harbor Freights, but professional grade tools that he can be proud to show the guys at work. And even if he already has one, that’s OK, it’s nice to have tools for home too!

Cats Paw magnetic flashlights are an inexpensive gift that is sure to please. With it’s telescoping reach, a magnetic end that can pick up 5 pounds and flashlight to help find those dropped nuts and bolts, or tools. Any auto technician can put this to work, with its multiple uses it’s a nice item to have nearby.

 This low profile racing jack is lightweight aluminum, low profile and has lifting power of 4,000 pounds! Made by OTC, this is not a cheap jack from Harbor Freights, this is the real deal.

 A video inspection scope has many uses when it comes to car inspection and this is not a cheap, made in China scope. This is a Visual Optics automatic focus, 2.5″ color screen professional grade video scope, Made in the USA!

 Air tools are always a popular gift idea and the Ingersoll Rand Thunder Gun is sure to please. It’s a good looking impact that’s packed with power. Your man will hardly be able to wait to hear it roar!

 Ratcheting Gear Wrenches are a huge time saver and KD tools has the coolest ones around. The X-Beam GearWrench has an ergonomically pleasing shape that allows easy force to be applied. Sears has copied this design with their regular wrenches, but don’t be fooled, this is the one to get!

 What real man doesn’t love cordless power? Makita is the name to have in flashlights and drills for automotive use. This package deal comes with a regular flashlight, a fluorescent light, a drill and an impact driver. He’ll think of you when he uses any of these cool tools!

 Infrared thermometers are neat gadgets to have around. An interesting bit of trivia is that ghost hunters use them to find cold spots, where ghosts are believed to be. Even if your guy doesn’t believe in the supernatural, he’ll still get plenty of use out of an infrared thermometer working on cars!

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  1. The magnetic flashlight looks really cool. I like the telescopic feature of it too….I’ll have to look for one.

    Comment by Corey | November 29, 2008 | Reply

  2. The magnetic flashlight that telescopes and other great tool gift ideas can be purchased here: Automotive Mechanics Car Tools

    Comment by automotivetools | November 30, 2008 | Reply

  3. I just bought one of those magnetic flashlights. It already paid for itself by saving my 100$ Mac belt tensional tool. I dropped in the underground lift compartment. I tied the magnetic flash light to a ten foot pole and used it to fish my belt tool out of the dark well. Tool retrieval is one of the special uses this magna flashlight provides.

    Comment by Auto mechanic Mark | December 14, 2008 | Reply

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