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Genisys Scan Tool Question – Flashing/Re-Programing Modules

Question:Will the Genisys Scan Tool with an 07 software update, flash the Electronic Power train Module on a 2001 Ford Windstar?  Will it also read out the ABS module program and reload in a replacement ABS module?  Will it do the same on GM vehicles?

Answer: The OTC Genisys scanner does not have any flashing or re-programming capability.  As far as I am aware, manufacturer specific or OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) scan tools are the only ones capable of this. The manufacturer specific scan tool for Ford, Lincoln and Mercury is the New Generation Star (NGS).


The manufacturer specific scan tool for General Motors applications is the Tech II Scanner. The OEM scan tool for Chrysler vehicles is the DRBIII. The OEM scan tools at around a $5000 each, are out of reach for most auto repair shops due to the initial expense of the tool and the updates required. So you see, a basic scanner like the OTC Genisys scan tool is a good all around scan tool for most shops that need to work on a wide range of vehicles and access most systems at an economical price. Some Laptop PC (Personal Computer) programs are starting to have more capability when it comes to re-programing modules an computers but I think they have a lot of work ahead of them. And it’s kind of a scary proposition to start flashing the PCM (Power Train Control Module) with a lap top program that may not be completely up to snuff. Here is a link to an automotive tool blog that talks about some of those laptop programs and the Genisys scan tool. So basically most shops are better off having a scan tool that has a wide range of applications, even though they won’t be able to flash modules. Because the expense of the OEM scan tools will most likely be much higher, than occasionally sending a vehicle to the dealer for a flash. The exception would be the auto repair shop that specializes in a certain make. Then it could be feasible to have the OEM scan tool on hand. Scan tools are worth having if they are making the shop money. They are not worth it, if more money is going out on updates than what they are bringing in.


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