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Actron or OTC Automotive Scan Tool?

The familiar orange Actron’s code readers and scan tools that are found in many shops and parts stores are the best selling brand in the “Do it yourself-er” auto scan tool market. Actron is actually owned by the SPX Tool Corporation which also owns OTC. OTC (OTC automotive tools) has the best selling automotive scan tools for automotive repair shops and professional auto technicians. Depending on your needs the Actron could be a great choice for an entry level code reader or scan tool. Be sure to compare specific models with each other when shopping. Usually the Actron has a much more competitive price when comparing models with similar functions and capabilities. If you need more functions like the ability to access more than just engine codes including SRS (safety restraint systems), ABS (anti lock brakes) and the BCM (body control module), you’ll need to check out OTC’s line of scan tools. Again though if you need just engine code and data capability the Actron may fit the bill nicely. As an example, we compared a couple of scan tools to illustrate this point. The OTC 3499 and the CP 9150 have many of the same features but the Actron is about half the price! They both have OBD I, OBD II and CAN capability for newer vehicles. Sure the larger display screen on the OTC is nicer, but for the average guy that may not be worth the extra money.   


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